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Executive Assistant

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2022-03-10 20:37:17 UTC

Who we are

Metadrop is a new platform for NFT drops that eliminates gas wars, creates more equitable launches, and helps projects capture more value so they can deliver amazing products to their communities. We work with teams building for the long-term and help them launch their projects and expand their communities through thoughtfully designed and unique sale mechanisms on our platform.

Ultimately, we are looking to push the NFT space forward with a strong focus on community but also with the intention to expand the space by helping projects and companies outside of crypto realize the potential of NFTs.

If you are passionate about NFTs and believe in their power to change everything from art, gaming, culture, and ultimately ownership as whole, then we’d love for you to join us.

This role

The purpose of this role is to remove as much administrative and operational strain on the founders as possible. In doing so, you will work closely with the founders and fill in gaps wherever needed.

You will manage the founders’ schedules, arranging internal and external calls and meetings across multiple time zones, managing group chats with third parties, etc. You’ll also help the team in whatever administrative capacity is needed, ordering supplies, arranging travel, selecting vendors/service providers and purchasing supplies/services, etc.

You will often be the first point of contact between Metadrop and the outside world, so it’s important you give others a good first impression by being polite, well-spoken, and displaying excellent written and speaking communication skills.

Who we’re looking for

  • You have experience working at early-stage, fast growing startups.

  • You are a former founder, or you have experience working as a chief of staff or an executive assistant.

  • You are extremely detail oriented.

  • You are able to foresee problems before they arise and preventatively solve them.

  • You are able to make important decisions and plan ahead, even when the founders are not available to answer questions.

  • You are an honest and trustworthy person.

  • You are able to take constructive feedback and constantly improve.

  • You can constantly re-evaluate and optimize our processes and tools.

  • You’re comfortable not only learning but mastering new things, including new software, that may be unfamiliar to you at first.

  • You don’t sit around and wait for the next thing to do, you’re always being proactive and searching for ways to improve the company.

  • You’re a curious person who is always learning.

  • You can sit in on private meetings and distill the most important information into organized and useful meeting notes.

  • You are comfortable completing administrative tasks like emailing and calling service providers, banks, negotiating with vendors, requesting refunds, etc.

  • You can assist with hiring by maintaining friendly consistent contact with candidates throughout the process, scheduling phone screens and interview rounds, etc.

  • You can assist with onboarding and off-boarding of employees and contractors.

  • You are extremely organized and never let things fall through the cracks.

  • You can arrange team travel, book flights and Airbnbs, and organize high-quality company events and off-sites for the team.

  • When tasked with finding new service providers and suppliers or purchasing office equipment, you can conduct research, compare options, and present the choices in a clear and concise way, and offer your recommendation when needed.

  • You understand fundamental security best practices like strong password generation, password reuse, strong 2FA, etc. and are willing to learn more about and constantly improve security protocol.

What it’s like to work with us

  • We’re 100% remote and we care only about output, not about input

  • Generous equity and comp package and an environment where you are highly valued

  • 100% health & dental benefits with an amazing $0 deductible plan (only US citizens living in the US receive this benefit)

  • You’ll have a ton of fun with a group of great people, but will work hard because we’re all 100% committed to building something amazing